New Look

January 27, 2014 by Tom

In designing my new site, there were a few specific things I wanted, and one was the look of my Home page. I tried various options but kept coming back to my original thought. I’d seen a wonderful painting, many years ago, in a Realms of Fantasy magazine entitled “Monument”, by Jerry Vanderstelt. I did some research and found that Mr. Vanderstelt is a very well known, and highly respected artist. He’s done artwork for many books and major motion picture titles. This painting is also used as the cover art for a book of the same name. I’ve kept that magazine picture around for years, and even use it for my desktop image on my computer. The detail in this painting is amazing.
I wrote Mr. Vanderstelt to explore the possibility of my using this painting on my new Home page, not really expecting to hear back from him. But fortunately, he was kind enough to reply, and after some back and forth, and a few guidelines, he gave me his permission to use it.
So to Mr. Vanderstelt I want to say THANK YOU very much. I’m so pleased with how your painting looks on my site, and I’m very proud to have it there where many more people, I hope, will see it. And for anyone reading this, if you’ll go to Vanderstelt Studio you will see for yourself just what a great talent this man has. The only other thing I have to say about the painting is that although it’s been sold, I wish I’d been the one that bought it.
I’d also like to thank my web site builder, Mr. Mike Samitz of blogs guaranteed. I think Mike has done an incredible job on my site. I’m sure I caused him much frustration along the way, but he stuck with it, and continues to give me support. With his knowledge, and my suggestions here and there, he’s built me a fine site. If your considering a site of your own, please get in touch with him. He’ll work with you until you get exactly what you want.
So I hope you like my new site, and find it easy to use. Thanks again to all.