January 26, 2019 by Tom

I look forward to each February because it means the Tucson Gem Shows are already in progress or are about to start up. I’ve been at the TGMS Show, at the Tucson Convention Center for many years now, and I’m so very happy to be accepted back each year to participate as a vendor. The TGMS Show is always towards the end of the whole Tucson event and this year is no different. The dates are Feb. 14th thru 17th 2019. I always think of the saying “save the best for last” pertaining to this Show.
This Show has many vendors, exhibitors, and museums showing some of the finest stones and minerals from around the World. And people from all over the World come to the TGMS Show to see and buy these treasures. The Convention Center is a wonderful facility for hosting this Show; lots of space, very clean, no weather worries, clean restrooms, food vendors, etc.. Just a very nice place for the Show.
I’ve been working very hard over the last year making new pieces just for this Show. This is the only Show I do each year so I put my all into each piece, creating as much detail as I can. I’ve had to work through a health issue, but can’t let things like that stop you when you love what you do. But it has made me think. I’ve been doing this work for almost 40 years, and there’s no one else doing it. So I realize that I can’t go on forever with this, and when I’m done, I’M DONE! So there won’t be any more showing up. So please come by my booth, #1607, and if you like what you see, consider taking one or more pieces with you. If you like beautiful, one-of-a-kind things, I’m sure you’ll be very happy with your purchase. Thanks so much, hope I see you at the Show. Tom Sloyer