Hand Made?

February 28, 2019 by Tom

The Tucson Gem Show went very well for me this year. I sold many of my best, and favorite, pieces. Some I really hated to see go.
I get some crazy reactions from people sometimes when they ask me where these come from and I tell them “I Make Them”. Its like they can’t believe that someone actually makes these by hand!
Folks are so used to seeing things that are mass produced, and made by machines that they seem to forget that some people do still make things with their hands.
So all the pieces I make, whether my sculptures or picture frames are done by hand. No CNC programmable machines, no water jet or plasma cutters, etc.. I use hand tools, a band saw, oxy/acetylene cutting torch, drill press, and assorted rock and woodworking equipment. But I’m always very careful to tell folks that i DO NOT make the figures I use. These are cast or machine made, and are of Pewter, resins, Poly-stone, etc.
I like to tell people that what I look for in a figure is two things. First, an excellent quality of casting. And second, if a figure is of other than Pewter, a good quality and detail of paint. Although these figures are produced in quantity, they still have to be hand painted. No sense in having a fine casting with a lousy paint job. I’ve got some beautifully detailed figures to work with this year.
I’ll be very busy over the next year making new pieces for the Feb. 2020 Tucson Gem Show. If you’ll check my site from time to time I’ll put up the newest pieces as I make them, and please contact me if you’re interested in any of them. Thank you. Tom S.