My New Year’s Day

February 23, 2022 by Tom

Now that the Tucson Gem Show is over, my New Year begins. I never consider Jan. 1st as the start of my New Year, for me, it starts the day after the Gem Show ends!! Because I work so long, and hard on my pieces, and look forward all year long to Tucson, not much else gets my attention like preparing for the next Show. So Jan. 1st just means changing the year on my utility bills.
This years Show was quite different from years past. Not as many vendors, or patrons. But, as always, it was still a nice Show. Covid has changed many things in this world. Many changes have been made to the Convention Center, all which will make the next, 2023, Show much better.
I’ve already started on new pieces for that Show. I’ve got some wonderful figures and material to work with. As I finish them I will put them up on my site. Hope you’ll like them. And throughout the year, if you should see any piece you’d like to purchase for yourself, or as a gift, please let me know. I’d love to help you. Stay well. Stay safe. Tom