My Turn

July 30, 2023 by Tom

     We all have accidents in our lives. Whether it may be a slip and fall, a bicycle crash, a sports injury, or some other awful incident.
My turn came at the end of April. While sitting in my car, waiting for the traffic light to change, I was “T”boned in my drivers side door by another car traveling at highway speed.
     I was broken up pretty badly, but wasn’t killed.  I’ve spent many months recovering, and while still not 100%, I’ve been able to get back to making some new pieces for the Tucson 2024 Gem Show.

Just making new pieces, and preparing for the Show,  does a lot for my rehabilitation.
     At the end of many conversations, people will say “Stay Well, and Be Safe”. But how safe can you be when your sitting, stopped, in your car, and someone else crashes into you? Accidents do happen all the time. It was just my turn.
     I hope you’ll stop by my booth at the 2024 TGMS Show and pick out something nice for yourself or as a gift. “Stay Well, Stay Safe”.