Oracle of Visions Party Hour

February 8, 2016 by Tom

For the base of this frame I started with mild steel angle and flat stock. After cutting and welding up these steel pieces, I flattened out lengths of type “L” copper pipe, by hand, cut them to length, and hand bent the necessary angles needed.
To attach the copper to the steel, I made rivets from 1/8″ brass rod, drilled the necessary holes and hammered them into place.
At the top corners, I layered both steel and copper together to produce the “curtain” effect from the image itself. And at the bottom, I’ve added a steel “shelf” which I covered with glass painted underneath to match the floor in the image.
One thing I love about Mr. Marchetti’s work is how he brings all these different elements together, like people, animals, insects, plants and mechanical elements, etc. and all with such vivid color and detail. So I’ve taken many of the elements from his image and brought them out onto the frame. So if you look closely, you’ll find some of these items on the frame that resemble his images.