October 5, 2017 by Tom

This wonderful image of the “Magician” was created by Chinese artist Ruiheng Liu. I liked his image so much I contacted him to see if he’d grant me permission to use it on my web sites Home page, which he did. I then obtained a print of the image that I’ve created this frame for.
I started by burning all the edges of the mild steel flat stock and angle I used with an oxy/acetylene torch. I then cut all the pieces to correct length, and shape, and rough welded them together. I then cut out nine candle holders and welded them into place. At the bottom I cut out the floor piece from 3″ flat stock, welded it into place and covered it with hand cut and fit wood pieces. I then made the table, and potion cabinet from the same wood and secured them in place. I obtained little potion bottles, maps, books, scrolls, candles of various sizes, and even a small monkey which resembles the one on his shoulder, and fixed all these into place. I’ve also used a fine pewter figure, “Potion Master” by the Tudor Mint, to add to the theme.
Time is very important when brewing up these potions, so at the top of the frame I’ve mounted an alarm clock to keep track of every important second.

Where Does This Go?

August 25, 2017 by Tom

When all else fails, READ THE DIRECTIONS! This beautiful pewter Wizard figure, by the Tudor Mint, is stumped as to where these last few parts to his machine are supposed to go. So he must, in the end, consult the manual.
I’ve mounted him on a highly polished disc of Mexican Obsidian. The point is of a beautiful blue Fluorite, from China. I’ve made his “Machine” from various planetary gear sets, bearings, cogs, wheels and windings, and the cradle that holds his machine is of mild steel. I’ve hand cut and finished a slice of a hardwood called Corymbia Opaca, common name Bloodwood, from Australia, and covered the bottom with heavy felt to protect furniture.

Sir Ortus

November 23, 2015 by Tom

This beautiful figure of Ortus was made by the long out of business Tudor Mint. The fine detailing in its casting, and excellent paint make this piece exquisite. I’ve added a faceted lead glass crystal to the top of the Scepter he holds in his right hand, and a very thin clear quartz crystal to the tip of his Wand, in his left hand. In front of him, I’ve fashioned a pedestal from Brazilian Agate, placed a small, water clear, Phantom Quartz crystal in its center, and mounted the pedestal to another slice of red, Brazilian Agate. At the head of his throne, I’ve added a cab of Australian Boulder Opal, which has a beautiful blue “flash” to it. Behind his throne, I’ve added a red, smelted glass Obelisk, from China. I’ve left a hollow space under this for a light, if you should desire, to light up the Obelisk. Comes with a felted, Bloodwood base.

The Unicorn

January 20, 2014 by Tom

This nice little Unicorn figure is an out of production piece from The Tudor Mint. Comes with wood base.

The Faery’s House

January 18, 2014 by Tom

This incredibly detailed piece starts with a huge, very clear Quartz crystal, from Brazil, to form the roof of this lovely little pewter Faery’s House. Faery scene, by Tudor Mint. The details of her gate, gate posts and the ground around her are outstanding. Above her intricate pewter door, by Rawcliffe, is a nicely cut glass jewel set in a pewter frame. On one side of her house is set a glass magnifying lens “window” with a small Quartz crystal and glass sphere mounted behind it. Another glass cab set into the other side of the house provides another window for her. She contemplates the proposition made by the pewter figure of Skeletor, artist unknown, to come out from behind the safety of her gate. If she’s wise, she will not. When lit in a darkened room the light shining inside shows off all the little flaws and faults in this crystal, and shows it to be a truly magnificent piece. Comes with hardwood base.

Seeking Treasure

January 16, 2014 by Tom

This massive, druzy Hemimorphite specimen is from China. Its green and turquoise colors make this a truly outstanding specimen. The intricate pewter figure, by the Tudor Mint, studies his treasure map in his little alcove. His light comes from a thin, blue-green night light embedded in the wall which can be left on 24 hours a day. The figure sits on a slab of Brazilian Agate and comes with a Bloodwood base.


January 16, 2014 by Tom

This figure is a beautifully hand painted, highly detailed figure from the Tudor Mint. Out of production for many years this piece is near impossible to obtain any longer. I’ve set him in front of a very unusual piece of lava rock from the Escalante region of Utah and given him a nice little Quartz crystal on the end of his staff. Comes with a Bloodwood base.