Hell On Wheels

November 3, 2021 by Tom

The AMC channel ran this series “Hell On Wheels” a few years ago. I liked every episode quite a lot, and when I thought about it, I decided I’d like to make a frame with a picture related to the Show. Of course, Anson Mount, as Cullen Bohannon, being the main character was my choice. I found this image of him and decided to add a few more inset pictures of scenes also relating to the Show.
I’ve used steel angle, flat and square stock, cut, ground and rough welded together for the frame. I’ve added a few items along its sides, which the “town” couldn’t do without. At the top is a section of mountain which, mainly Chinese, laborers cut and blasted their way through creating the tunnels needed for the trains to pass through. At the bottom is a tool yard, and repair area for the inevitable equipment repairs. Hope you’ll like this one as much as I do.