Betrayal in Winter

The “Betrayal in Winter” frame is one of my favorites. The material is various sizes of mild steel angle and flat stock, all with burned edges and rough welded together. I wanted to bring the bridge, in the image, out onto the frame so with some extensive fabricating and fitting, I was able to do so. I wanted to make the bridge a “draw bridge”, so with the placement of a ratchet mechanism, at the top center, and some rigging, I was able to make the bridge open by turning the gear wheel at the top. I finished off the bridge with some copper scroll work, and added a small pewter figurine offering an “Orb of Protection”, by Gallo, to the wanderer in the image.

Image Author: Stephan Martiniere
Dimensions: 23 x 31 (w x h x d) Weight: 40 lbs. lbs.

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