This wonderful image of the “Magician” was created by Chinese artist Ruiheng Liu. I liked his image so much I contacted him to see if he’d grant me permission to use it on my web sites Home page, which he did. I then obtained a print of the image that I’ve created this frame for.
I started by burning all the edges of the mild steel flat stock and angle I used with an oxy/acetylene torch. I then cut all the pieces to correct length, and shape, and rough welded them together. I then cut out nine candle holders and welded them into place. At the bottom I cut out the floor piece from 3″ flat stock, welded it into place and covered it with hand cut and fit wood pieces. I then made the table, and potion cabinet from the same wood and secured them in place. I obtained little potion bottles, maps, books, scrolls, candles of various sizes, and even a small monkey which resembles the one on his shoulder, and fixed all these into place. I’ve also used a fine pewter figure, “Potion Master” by the Tudor Mint, to add to the theme.
Time is very important when brewing up these potions, so at the top of the frame I’ve mounted an alarm clock to keep track of every important second.

Image Author: Ruiheng Liu
Dimensions: 23" x 28" x 3" (w x h x d) Weight: 40 lbs.

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