A Place For Special Wishes

A lot of time and thought went into this piece. I had a slab of Selenite that I’ve been waiting for the perfect figure to pair it with. When I found this beautiful figure, with a fountain flowing into a pool, I knew the Selenite could suggest an Ice wall, melting slowly and creating a stream which comes out of the wall. It worked perfectly.
I removed some pieces from the original figure, by Australian Artist Selina Fenech, and added a few of my own. A small ceramic vase holds some very nice flowers, and I’ve added a beautifully crafted, fine Pewter vine, designed by James Lane Casey, and produced by Perth Pewter, which holds a wonderful green glass container, which can hold perfume, or a scented oil. It too is adorned with many cut glass, colored crystals, and fine metal work.
These are all sitting on a hand cut and shaped piece of a white, ceramic tile, and the base is of an Australian Hardwood, called Corymbia Opaca, or Bloodwood, the bottom of which is covered with heavy felt to protect furniture.
In a darker room, when lit up, this is a stunning piece.

Dimensions: 9 x 10 x 13.5 (w x d x h) Base: Weight: 11 lbs. Electric: 3 AAA batteries
Cost: $ 740. Year Completed: 2023
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