Grey Dragon

I get many requests for “Dragon” sculptures, but I’m very picky about the figures I use. There are many Dragon figures out there, but 99% of them just don’t hit the spot for me. I feel that if I’m going to put so much work into a piece, I’ve got to start with good quality, and finely detailed figures.
This one fits the bill in ALL areas! This Dragon was created by an artist named Karl Deen Sanders, of Dragon Fire Studios. This Dragon is so twisted up it’s almost hard to tell where he begins and ends. It’s just an exquisite example of Karl’s work, with so much detail , that I hope I can do it justice by using it for this piece. Once again, the paint alone is a masterpiece.
I’ve mounted him on a specimen of Brazilian Amethyst which has some very interesting specimens attached to it. There’s a big blade of very clear Selenite attached to it, and a smaller cluster of Calcite also attached. All Naturally occurring on this piece. I have added a wonderful, tall, Druzy Calcite stalactite, from Mexico, to give it even more appeal. The base is a hand cut and painted slice of an Australian hardwood, Eucalyptus, the bottom of which is covered with heavy felt to protect furniture. A Show Stopper for any Dragon Lover!

Dimensions: 9 x 9 x 15 (w x d x h) Base: Weight: 8 lbs.
Cost: $ 720 Year Completed: 2024