Lightning Wizard

This piece is an extraordinary piece, viewed with the room lights on or off. I started with a beautiful, large, Phantom Brazilian Quartz crystal which has many internal fractures and layers making it wonderful to study. The Fine Pewter Wizard is one of Perth Pewters top of the line figures. I gave him a small Celestite crystal, from Madagascar, to hold in his right hand. He’s standing in front of a wonderful, hand made obelisk made of wood and resin, from China. This obelisk has some very fine wisps and tails inside which are very beautiful. I placed a blue glass sphere on top of this obelisk.
The “Lightning” is produced by a device called a “Lumindisc”. It can be set to flash constantly, or by adjusting it to mid position, will flash according to touch, or sound. I’ve also installed a small bulb under the Phantom crystal itself and has a separate switch to control it.
I’m sure this piece will bring you much pleasure every time you view, or interact with it. Comes with a hand cut and finished base of a Hardwood called “Corymbia Opaca”, or Bloodwood, from Australia. The bottom is covered with heavy felt to protect furniture.

Dimensions: 12 x 10 x 12 (w x d x h) Base: Weight: 10 lbs. Electric: 120vac
Cost: $ 2000 Year Completed: 2010