Merchant of Time

The “Time Merchant” cares little about his own time, for he is ancient, immortal. But he does know the value of time, and although his price is steep, each grain of sand in his hourglass extends life one day. So as you pass through his gate, and ascend the stairs, you will hear him say “Welcome, how much would you like?”
This fine pewter Wizard was sculpted by Ray Lamb and produced by Perth Pewter. I made the sand timer from various other pieces, and topped the tower with two pewter, red eyed Gargoyles from the long out of business “Gallo” Company.
I’ve suspended a nice little clock pendant from its own mount. It has a glass lens, front and back, which magnifies its workings. I then added a few other clocks at various spots around the piece.
The gate took many hours to complete. It is made from a variety of items, and can be swung open, or closed and locked in place with a catch.
The stone is a beautiful specimen of Labradorite, from Madagascar, and has a beautiful blue-green-silver flash to it, and the stair railings are tipped with small Brazilian Amethyst spheres. The hardwood base is a hand cut and finished slice of Corymbia Opaca, “Bloodwood”, from Australia, the bottom of which is felted to protect furniture.

Dimensions: 9 x 11 x 12.5 (w x d x h) Base: Weight: 15 lbs.
Cost: $ 840. Year Completed: 2019