That’s My Boy

Some folks have dogs, cats, fish, or any of a wide assortment of pets, but this little lady has found herself the perfect companion, as her protector, a Dragon! This highly detailed figure was designed for Veronese by James Ryman. I’ve added this excellent Dragon figure, by Rawcliffe who seems to enjoy having his chin scratched.
Behind her couch stands an obelisk of Red Smelted Glass, from China. With all the wisps of clouds and streaks through it, it’s really wonderful to look at.
I’ve mounted these pieces on a hand cut Mexican Saltillo tile. I’ve done some metalwork on the face of the tile, and added a faceted, Swarovsky, lead crystal sphere to its center.
The base is a hand cut and finished slice of a hardwood, called Corymbia Opaca, or Bloodwood, from Australia. The bottom is felted to protect furniture.

Dimensions: 12 x 10 x 13.5 (w x d x h) Base: Weight: 12 lbs.
Cost: $ 650 Year Completed: 2020
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