Smokey Phantom

This piece is absolutely outstanding. The focal point is the Smokey Quartz Phantom crystal from Brazil. Clear Quartz crystals tip each of the metal worked buttresses used to help support this beautiful crystal. A glass magnifying lens, with a Quartz crystal and glass sphere behind it, provides a wide angle view of those approaching the extrordinary pewter door, by Rawcliffe. Look closely at the details of this Hydra covered door. Glass cabs set in two other sides of his home give this fine pewter Wizard, by Perth Pewter, outside views of either side of his home. In his hand he holds a cab of Australian Boulder Opal. Small Amethyst spheres are placed at the heads of the railings on either side of his front door. Around the back of his home, delicate railings provide safety for climbing the rear stairs to the landing. Little pewter Nomes, an Elf on a tree stump, an “Ent”, and an internal light help make this sculpture it’s own little Fantasy World. Comes with a massive 2″ thick Crotch Walnut wood base.

Dimensions: 15 x 17 x 15 (w x d x h) Base: Electric: Bulb, 120 VAC 15 watt
Cost: $ 3000 Year Completed: 2008