Throne of Swords

Look closely at the detail of each piece of this sculpture. The Throne, by The Noble Collection, is composed of swords arranged in a fashion to create the Throne. And the fine pewter Minotaur figure, by Rawcliffe, is incredibly detailed. Right down to his red, lead crystal eyes. He listens, intently, to the orders he receives from the image of his Queen under the “looking glass” on the pedestal directly across from him. I’ve placed a beautiful specimen of Brazilian Amethyst behind the Throne. I then cut out and hand finished a slice of a beautiful hardwood called Corymbia Opaca, or Bloodwood, from Australia for the base. The bottom is felted to protect furniture. A truly magical piece.

Dimensions: 9 x 9 x 12 (w x d x h) Base: Electric: LED's
Cost: $ 720. Year Completed: 2014
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