Visit From the Giant

This piece is loaded with details. The little pewter Wizard, by Perth Pewter, looks out of his glass magnifier lens window at the arrival of his Giant visitor bearing a blue, cut glass sphere as a gift. Small glass orbs decorate each end of the stair railing. At the top of the stairs a little pewter Elf, by Perth Pewter, and an “Ent” wait to greet the visitor. A highly detailed pewter door sets off the front of the Wizards house. An Oregon Thunderegg is set into this piece to provide a landing in front of the door. An internal light illuminates the clear Quartz crystal “roof” and window. I’m sure you will enjoy every detail of this piece right down to the Wizards little pewter cat sitting outside his window. Comes with hardwood base.

Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 10 (w x d x h) Base: Electric: Bulb, 120 VAC 4 watt
Cost: $ 1000 Year Completed: 1998