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Hand Made?

February 28, 2019 by Tom

The Tucson Gem Show went very well for me this year. I sold many of my best, and favorite, pieces. Some I really hated to see go.
I get some crazy reactions from people sometimes when they ask me where these come from and I tell them “I Make Them”. Its like they can’t believe that someone actually makes these by hand! Continue reading


January 26, 2019 by Tom

I look forward to each February because it means the Tucson Gem Shows are already in progress or are about to start up. I’ve been at the TGMS Show, at the Tucson Convention Center for many years now, and I’m so very happy to be accepted back each year to participate as a vendor. The TGMS Show is always towards the end of the whole Tucson event and this year is no different. The dates are Feb. 14th thru 17th 2019. I always think of the saying “save the best for last” pertaining to this Show. Continue reading


August 19, 2018 by Tom

I knew that some of the stones and minerals I use in my work fluoresce under a black light, so on inspecting a neighbors yard sale a few weeks back, I noticed he had a 2′ black light unit for sale, so I thought I’d buy it to see how my stones reacted to it. Continue reading

Shows Over

December 16, 2017 by Tom

The Tucson Gem Show is now over which means the start of a new year for me. My personal new year starts the day after the end of the Show. I’ll begin working on new things to take with me to next years Show right away and usually work on them right up until it’s time to pack it all up for the trip back to Tucson. Continue reading

Time For A Change

July 31, 2017 by Tom

I’ve had a beautiful image titled “Monument”, by Mr. Jerry Vanderstelt, here on my Home page for a few years now and I’ve always been very happy with it. I was looking through some Fantasy Art work on Pinterest a few weeks ago and came across an image that really caught my eye, so I thought I’d try to contact the artist to explore the possibility of my using it on my Home page to replace “Monument”. His name is Ruiheng Liu, and he’s from Wuhan, China. I found him through the web site and he was gracious enough to give me permission to use the image. He’s titled it “Magician”. The detail and quality of his work is just incredible. I’d like to thank him here again for allowing me to use it. If you click on his name at the bottom of the page it will take you to his info.. Continue reading