I’m Catching Dreams!

The Inspiration for this piece came from one of my favorite movies; “The BFG.” This busy little Faery, by Australian Artist Selina Fenech, is explaining to an inquisitive observer, a large, green eyed toad, by Perth Pewter, what she’s doing. “Why, I’m Catching Dreams” she says. She’s got two glass jars; one for good, or “Sweet Dreams”, and one for dark, or “Bad Dreams”. I believe she takes them to the BFG so he can distribute them as needed. Great story. Great movie.
I’ve installed a few blue LED lights around a beautiful specimen of white, Aragonite, from Mexico. I’ve set a few other white LED’s in the pool, and a red one under her “Sweet Dreams” jar. The white piece surrounding the pool is a slice of a hard, ceramic tile. I’ve added a nice Arkansas Quartz crystal to the left of the Aragonite, and installed a white LED under it as well. The base is a hand cut and finished slice of Poplar wood, painted white. The bottom is covered with heavy felt to protect furniture.
In a darker room, when this piece is lit, it is absolutely beautiful.

Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 9 (w x d x h) Base: Electric: 120vac to 3.5vdc LED's
Cost: $ 740. Year Completed: 2023