I’m Catching Dreams

The inspiration for this piece came from one of my favorite movies; “The BFG”. The Big, Friendly Giant,s job was to catch dreams, preferably good dreams, and slip them into sleeping folks heads, mostly small children, who were having a bad dream, thereby relieving their restless sleep.
I believe this beautiful Faery, by Selina Fenech, is working for the BFG! She’s showing her green eyed Frog friend, by Perth Pewter, how she does this. She’s got jars to store these dreams in until she can deliver them to her boss.
The white base is of Marble. I’ve installed some tiny, blue LED’s throughout a beautiful specimen of Quartz/Calcite, which is in the shape of a snow covered tree, or bush. And another in the pool where she’s working. Next to this specimen I’ve added an absolutely clear Quartz point. The wood base is a hand cut and finished slice of a hardwood called Corymbia Opaca, or Bloodwood, from Australia, the bottom of which is covered with heavy felt to protect furniture.
This is a wonderful piece for a child’s room, or any dark area where just a little light is desired.

Dimensions: 9 x 11 x 9 (w x d x h) Base: Weight: 10 lbs. Electric: 3.5 vdc
Cost: $ 650. Year Completed: 2022