Sir Ortus

This beautiful figure of Ortus was made by the long out of business Tudor Mint. The fine detailing in its casting, and excellent paint make this piece exquisite. I’ve added a faceted lead glass crystal to the top of the Scepter he holds in his right hand, and a very thin clear quartz crystal to the tip of his Wand, in his left hand. In front of him, I’ve fashioned a pedestal from Brazilian Agate, placed a small, water clear, Phantom Quartz crystal in its center, and mounted the pedestal to another slice of red, Brazilian Agate. At the head of his throne, I’ve added a cab of Australian Boulder Opal, which has a beautiful blue “flash” to it. Behind his throne, I’ve added a red, smelted glass Obelisk, from China. I’ve left a hollow space under this for a light, if you should desire, to light up the Obelisk. Comes with a felted, Bloodwood base.

Dimensions: 9.5 x 12 x 13 (w x d x h) Base:
Cost: $ 840. Year Completed: 2015