Geode T

I’ve got many hours in this little piece. I’ve mounted this Geode in a Sphere Base which took many hours alone to create. The Geode is one I dug up in Alexandria, Missouri many years ago. I cut and polished it and have had it just sitting around for a long time and thought it was time to do something with it. I had some slices of a Utah, Septarian Nodule which I produced a while back also. I thought I’d try combining them both so I added a convex glass magnifying lens to create a deeper cavity effect.
This Geode can be lifted out of its base and left to stand alone, thereby allowing you to use the base for another sphere you may choose, or, for myself, I sometimes lay a small round mirror over the hole. This allows me to display another of my favorite crystals, minerals or figures with the same base. So, with this one piece, you have many variations of use. The bottom of the Geode pedestal is covered with a heavy, black felt to protect furniture.

Dimensions: 6 round x 6 tall (w x d x h) Base: Weight: 7 lbs.
Cost: $ 500 Year Completed: 2020
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